Christmas Snowman Ball Game

The majority of our Christmas shopping has been done online this year, and the parcels have been arriving thick and fast, leading to a good selection of boxes. A lot of these boxes, I’ve been keeping ‘just in case’ I need them. So, I admit, our house is getting overrun with them and I need to put some out for recycling.

Before the big recycle, I’ve finally got round to this little project ahead of my little one’s first birthday at the weekend when a few of his cousins are coming around to visit.

I covered one box with white paper, then drew on a snowman, cutting out some holes for a ball game. Seth has been busy helping to decorate it. We painted the background blue and Seth cut out and glued on a hat and scarf. He also opened up some cotton wool balls and stuck them on the bottom for snow.


I think it looks great. We’ll either use some balls from our ball pit or some scrunched up wrapping paper to play our game.

Children love playing with boxes don’t they? I’m definitely going to keep a few in the garage for rainy days. Have you done anything fun with the boxes from your online shopping?


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