Sunshine at the Seaside

It was a good day for the sea side today.

My Mum – the boy’s Grandma – lives by the sea in St Anne’s, Lancashire.

We’ve been cooped up in the house for too long. We’ve all had coughs and have been avoiding the wind and cold trying to shake them off so we can all get some much needed sleep. Today was actually a mild day and with only the usual sea wind to contend with, we ventured out on and around the promenade.



Seth found a slope he liked the look of leading to the beach. He slid down it on his bum and climbed back up ‘the mountain’. We tried to go on the pier, hoping to walk to the end. Unfortunately it was closed off for maintenance which was disappointing. We did manage to drop some 2ps in the slot machines which is always fun.

We waved to our shadows and played hide and seek and tig in the shelters as we walked up the promenade.


After Grandma came to meet us, we went on the play area. Seth had a good time running off some energy, and Rory had a go on the swing and steering the pirate ship. He can stand up for such long periods of time now, walking isn’t far away. He was eager to get stuck in to climbing on the park and loved playing along with his brother. I know we are going to have no end of good times when he is chasing round after Seth, although it will give us a whole new set of problems. In two weeks, he will be one. Where does time go?

Life Unexpected




6 thoughts on “Sunshine at the Seaside

  1. Gosh one years old in two weeks!!! Time really does fly. Soon he’ll be running around too. What a shame the pier was shut. I can’t get over how sunny it is, such a beautiful winters day out. You can’t beat walking around by the beach in the winter sun and playing in the park. Thank you so much for linking to #whatevertheweather xx

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  2. Lovely photos of your boys, I’ve missed seeing the sun, we need a few more of those days here! So exciting for Rory to be standing a lot now, not long until he’ll be chasing after his brother (and then it really does get hectic, they want to do everything the older one is!). I love the photo of Seth pushing his brother in the swing, so sweet that he likes to help too! The selfie of you and Rory is beautiful too, you look like a very happy mum, lucky boys! Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

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