Quick & Easy Christmas Crafts

Coughing is all you’ll hear if you listen into our house at the moment. So, when I picked the boys up from nursery at lunch time we headed straight home instead of heading out to playgroup; keeping our germs to ourselves and keeping out of the cold.

Once Rory had drifted off for his nap, Seth got stuck into a few Christmas crafts to start us off. I was keen to get the paints out to do some cork printing – I want to make snowmen, but Seth insisted on doing his old favourite – ‘glueing and sticking’.

Here are his creations:


  • He made two Christmas cards. Firstly, cutting out and glueing circles to make a snowman with added googly eyes and carrot nose. Next a Christmas tree made from different lengths of rectangles with a star on top, cut out from one of Seth’s many old magazines.
  • Meanwhile, I drew round an empty container to make a big circle for a snow globe. I helped Seth cut it out and he stuck on a Christmas tree and a star, then added sparkly white pom-poms to make the snow. We added some brown paper to make the base.
  • Next Seth took two triangles to make Rudolf and Father Christmas. He snipped into the semi circle to make Father Christmas’ beard and finished off with glued on pom-poms, googly eyes and a sparkly pipe cleaner to make Rudolf’s antlers.

We managed to do all these crafts in super quick time. He was happy that he got to get the glue out and I have some lovely pictures on the wall. Win-win!


You Baby Me Mummy



20 thoughts on “Quick & Easy Christmas Crafts

  1. Ooh the snow globe is particularly effective, those little sparkly fluffballs look great! Some lovely ideas here 🙂 Thanks for linking up for my last list! xxx #TheList


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