Giant Lego Brick Animals Trail

It may have rained… and rained a lot… but when you’re visiting a wetlands, that doesn’t matter one bit.

I have been thinking of visiting WWT Martin Mere Wetlands Centre for a while but as it’s quite a distance away from us (45 minutes), we’ve always ended up at other nature reserves closer to home. Then, I saw they were having a Lego exhibition, so naturally, I packed up a picnic and off we went (unfortunately without Daddy as he had to work).


I thought the Lego trail would keep Seth interested and importantly, keep him walking without complaint. As it happened, after we found the first couple of models and I noted down the answers on the soggy quiz sheet in the pouring rain, he paid little attention to the Lego.


I’m super proud of my outdoors boy. He waded through the streams, jumped in extremely deep puddles, attempted to climb trees. He hopped between stepping stones – I insisted on holding his hand for that one (it was a bit deep) but I’m more than sure he would have had a good go on his own. There was some play equipment hidden in the woods. Where he would previously have asked for help, he got stuck in.

imageWe went in a hide just by the main buildings. What a fabulous modern bright building. It was fully accessible – some wheelchair users were in there at the same time as us. There were resources for identifying birds, and lots of pairs of binoculars available to use – even child sized ones with little chairs. Rory was starting to get hungry so we didn’t spend much time in there much to Seth’s disappointment. I’m sure it will be great when they’re both older, or when we have a second pair of hands with us.

imageAfter almost completing the Lego trail, we headed into the main buildings and found the indoor picnic area. We peeled off our wet clothes – apart from Rory who was lovely and dry under the rain cover in his pram – and got stuck into our picnic. I was freezing. I’ve found it quite mild this last few days, so I was inadequately dressed for a draughty picnic room. After dealing with pooh-mageddon (always when your out of the house or going somewhere) we headed to the craft room where Seth did some colouring and paid 50p for the materials to make a pine cone owl. Rory got a bit restless at this point so we got the waterproofs and woolies back on and handed out to find the last Lego model that we’d missed the first time round.

imageWe did it! We finally found the dragonfly – we were not the only ones who were ticking it off as our last one. It also gave us a second opportunity to look at the otters, the flamingoes and some of the other magnificent birds. We handed in our quiz answers and got Seth’s certificate and I treated Seth to a build-your-own Lego man on the way out.

One thing that we managed to swerve today was visiting Father Christmas. I’m hoping to do this somewhere else so it wasn’t in the plan for today. It was all going on over on an island and involved and Elf-driven boat trip so I’m sure it’s a good experience if you did choose to do it there.

I would definitely recommend Martin Mere for a family day out. Admission was about £12 just for me as under 4s go free, although it’s cheaper to book online. Car parking is free. We didn’t go in the cafe but I’d always recommend a picnic to keep costs down. The Giant Lego Brick Animal Trail will be there until 31st January and there is a Lego activity you can also book that is recommended for 4+ years.

Life Unexpected



16 thoughts on “Giant Lego Brick Animals Trail

  1. This looks fantastic and I’m very impressed you did it on your own, coping with 2 little ones. Well done! I think we would all love this and like you it’s somewhere I’ve fancied going for ages, but we always end up somewhere else. Alice has seen the pictures and wants to do it, so I think we will be heading out there soon too. Brilliant and thanks for letting us know about it x

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    1. Alice will love it. We’d have definitely done the Lego workshop if I’d have had an extra pair of hands to keep Rory entertained. He was fine outdoors walking round but once we were inside, he wanted out of the pram and there really wasn’t anywhere for him to crawl about. There were also some more interesting crafts, but again, I couldn’t really help Seth out so we went for the most simple! They were both fast asleep in the car home so the fresh air definitely did them good!


  2. Ohhh, my kids would love this! My son is going through a big lego phase, so to speak, and my little girl loves birds – this would be paradise! Also, like your boy, I have no doubts I would find them both soon in the puddles, the real star attraction anywhere 😉

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  3. Well done for getting out there with two kids on your own! I love that Seth was having so much fun on the other areas of the trail and not so interested in the lego animals. Typical kids, you go to see something you think that they might be interested in and then they find the simpler things much more exciting. I would love to visit Martin Mere, but it’s a bit further away. I have been hoping to get to the WWT reserve at Caerlaverock sometime this winter as A loves birds and he would be so excited to see the flocks of Barnacle geese.
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

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    1. I just felt compelled to take them out somewhere. Every single weekend day I’m off work now until January we have something planned! It’s such a manic time of year. 2 special birthdays and Christmas all within three weeks!

      I was very impressed with the WWT – couldn’t fault the facilities and the volunteers were very helpful. #whatevertheweather


  4. I’d love this!! I love lego. I think it’s so creative all of the things that can be made with it. I can’t wait till Evie is old enough for lego, although I think myself and my partner are going to fight over who plays with it more. That’s so good that he’s so outdoorsy and clearly loves it too. It sounds like the perfect day out! I’m glad you managed to make it there in the end. x

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