Winter is Coming… and so is the Train

Last week we had so much rain. Typically, the weather improved over the weekend while I was at work. When Monday came around, we made an effort to get outside.

imageFirstly we went to the station to collect a very special visitor – Grandma – who was visiting us for the day. Her train was late getting in so we had time to bundle out of the car and wait on the platform where we saw this amazingly long goods train going through. By the time we realised it was a long one, it was too late to count the carriages but it must have been pulling around twenty. They went on and on and on… I had a very excited boy when he saw Grandma’s train coming round the bend.


In the afternoon we wrapped up warm and ventured out to the park. Winter is coming. It was a cold and frosty day.

We played hide and seek. Seth is particularly good at hiding don’t you think?!

Seth ran up and down the skate ramp. This is his new favourite thing and has led to him asking Father Christmas to bring him a skateboard. It won’t end well!

We looked at the trees. Seth told me a spider lived in the tree. ‘A spider?’, I asked him intrigued. He pointed out a teeny tiny spiders web in amongst the bark. Can you see it? It’s as hard to see on the photograph as it was n real life.


By mid-afternoon Monday, the rain had returned. But we don’t mind that too much. Seth went off to Forest School on Tuesday, when we picked him up he was lovely and muddy, slightly soggy but absolutely buzzing after the fun he’d had in the woods.

Life Unexpected

9 thoughts on “Winter is Coming… and so is the Train

  1. It’s definitely a lot colder now, freezing at night with icy puddles each morning. I love Seth’s wellies too, where did you get them? Good luck with the skate boarding, I had one as a child, but I mostly sat on it as I hurtled down the path! I looked really hard but just can’t find that spider web!
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x


    1. The wellies were just from Tescos about 18 months ago. It’s no wonder he’s grown out of them! Must buy new wellies this weekend but I’ll be sad to see these go… even if it’s just temporary until they fit Rory! #whatevertheweather


  2. What’s forest school like? We’d love to send Evie to one. I love your pictures and those wellies are so cool. Evie is obsessed with trains at the moment and always waves to the train as it flies past and shouts choo choo! So cute! Thank you so, so much for linking up to #whatevertheweather xx


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