Autumn Arts & Crafts

Before winter creeps up on us, here is a round-up of the crafts we’ve been up to this Autumn.

  • Autumn trees
Cork printing
Cork printing

As a dutiful mother, I have continued to drink plenty of Prosecco to keep us well stocked with corks to use in our crafting. For Autumn, we have used them for printing. I summoned from my memory (the part I haven’t killed with alcohol) the colours we needed to mix to come up with some lovely Autumn colours. We had red and yellow, and managed to mix brown and orange. Seth got busy with the corks to make an autumn tree. We did a lot of Christmas crafts with my corks last year so I plan to carry on drinking fizz to keep the craft cupboard well stocked!

  • Leaf rubbings
    Leaf rubbings

    Leaf rubbings

On one of our walks in the woods, we took our craft supplies out with us. Read about it here. We used crayons and chalk to do bark and leaf rubbings. Here are our finished leaves that are on display in our kitchen.

  • Leaf owls
Leaf owl
Leaf owl

In homage to our hedgehogs we made last year, this year we used our dried out Autumn leaves to make owl pictures. They were really hard to stick. We found the same thing last year when we resorted to sticky tape. We used PVA glue and thankfully, once we let it dry, everything stuck to the paper. Including our huge googly eyes. Is there a better way to stick leaves down? I’d love some tips for next year!

  • Autumn Play-doh Hedgehogs & Owls
Play-doh animals
Play-doh animals

We dried out some pumpkin seeds from our Halloween Jack-o-Lanterns and put them to good use when playing in the play-doh. We made a hedgehog and Seth stuck the pumpkin seeds in to make his spines. (If you haven’t got pumpkin seeds, you can use dried spaghetti) We also made an owl and Seth fashioned wings and a beak from the pumpkin seeds. Of course, we pulled them all out again before packing the play-doh away. Next year, I think we’ll try something similar with clay so we can keep them.

We also had fun doing our Halloween and Bonfire Night pictures. It’s been a busy few months for crafting and will get even busier as Christmas approaches. I’ve got loads of Pinspiration to keep us going for weeks!

Autumn crafts
Autumn crafts
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