Bonfire Night Fireworks Art

Over the last few months, Seth has turned into a little horror. He growls at us, flies off the handle over the smallest things, cries any time we say ‘no’ or ‘not now’ and is generally difficult to live with. Do you have a pre-schooler right out of The Exorcist? I keep imagining Tubular Bells is playing in the background!

Thankfully Seth reserves this behaviour for us and has so far carried on being good at nursery and to the outside world. I’ll take that to be honest, if we can contain the beast it’s not so bad.

Keeping him busy has become more essential at home. Yesterday being a particularly bad day, we called a cease fire for half an hour to do some bonfire inspired art.

I hate glitter so at the weekend I picked up some glitter glue pens – they were £1 for a pack of about 10. The full effect of glitter without the mess. Here are the creations:

Fireworks art
Glitter glue fireworks

I was delighted to pull down all the Halloween art and replace it with these and our Autumn pictures. More Autumn inspired art is in the pipeline so watch out for our Autumn arts and crafts update coming soon.

Have you got plans for bonfire night? We’re not doing anything this year. Maybe when Rory is a bit older we’ll venture out to a bonfire. In the meantime, we’ll stick to watching other people’s fireworks out of our window. Stay safe everyone.


3 thoughts on “Bonfire Night Fireworks Art

  1. Lovely art Ruth. I’m sure Seth will grow out of the tantrums. Alice went through a few little phases of driving me insane with being cheeky and with a real attitude. But it does tend to only last a couple of weeks or so and it’s only ever with us at home. She’s always beautifully behaved at school and with anyone else. I’m hoping we’ll get to go to an organised bonfire and firework display this year, fingers crossed, we haven’t been to one for ages. We usually just watch all the others from the kitchen window! Stay safe x


    1. Thanks Katherine. My Mum keeps saying ‘as long as he behaves at nursery’ and I really think she’s right. I think he’s just pushing the boundaries at the moment and seeing what he can get away with. So difficult to deal with though off very little sleep! x


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