Halloween Baking with my Boy

We’ve been doing lots of baking this week much to Seth, my three year old’s, delight.

Two things he doesn’t like about baking:

1. Putting his hands in and getting mixture stuck on his hands.
2. Licking the spoon (what’s that about? – surely it’s the best bit)

Gingerbread skeletons
Baking gingerbread skeletons

We made Halloween gingerbread men skeletons and dinosaur skeletons.

We used a basic gingerbread biscuit recipe. Seth even got his hands in for a bit, before he gave up and I had to do it. He did the rolling and cutting. Next time, I’m going to add treacle as they need to be darker. These are our ‘usual’ biscuit cutters so we felt the need to add skeletons to make them into Halloween biscuits. I got one of those ready to use icing pens to decorate them. It was a bit hard to squeeze so I did the icing and Seth added eyes and a few smiles using snipped off strawberry laces sweets. Although he’s not a fan of cake and biscuit batter, he is a fan of icing and we lost a few biscuits to the occasional lick! He had to have them for his pudding at tea time.

Pumpkin cakes
Making pumpkin cakes

We also made some cakes. Seth whipped up a basic sandwich cake mix and dished it out between the bun cases. We make variations of these buns all the time so he’s become an expert at it. Once baked and cooled, we decorated them with buttercream and some sugar paper pumpkins I bought off eBay.

Seth loves baking but Rory protests whenever we do anything in the kitchen. It’s a case of waiting for him to nap (which he doesn’t do often) and making a dash for the baking cupboard to get it all done before he wakes up. We’ve succeeded at this ‘stealth-baking’ twice this week… not bad work!


5 thoughts on “Halloween Baking with my Boy

    1. Thanks Beth. Rory’s just at a funny age. Too young to get involved and not old enough to play by himself for long. He just wants our undivided attention all the time! He’s happy to eat our creations though! x


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