Halloween in the Forest

This week we enjoyed some outdoor Halloween fun in the woods courtesy of our local children’s centre.

Skeleton in the woods

Seth, who’s three, got dressed up in his costume (without the mask – he hated the mask!) He had his outdoor coat on underneath and he stole my ‘knife wound’ wooly hat to finish off his scary look. Everyone loved the hat. It was the star of the show!

It was a ‘spooky trail’ through the woods and we were directed from activity to activity, getting a sticker for our answer sheet after completing each one. We were the last family to set off, being fashionably late and typically I forgot my purse so couldn’t pay (£1.50 per child). They let me off until next week so we could still participate.

Firstly, a string spiders web had been strung up between some trees. I had Rory in the baby carrier and although one of the staff offered to help, Seth got stuck in straight away, shooting out on the other side head first in the undergrowth. He had some new found bravery, I picked him up and dusted him off and he didn’t make a peep! Unheard of for him.

We moved on to the next activity. There was a box decorated as a pumpkin, with balls to throw in. Simple yet effective in keeping us busy until there was a space to do the real activity. This was making witches brew. There were hollowed out pumpkins, and a solution of (I think) bicarb, green food colouring and vinegar poured in to make a frothing pumpkin which Seth had to stir. It smelled foul. From there we had a sit on the tree stumps in the den. It had been decorated with hanging bats which we found and counted.

Halloween forest

We moved on to the next activity which had us collecting sticks in the woods. A firm favourite with us and something we do all the time. As I had Rory strapped to me, one of the staff helped to tie wool around the small sticks to attach them to our large stick, making a witch’s broom. We also played in the Halloween-style mud kitchen, mixing together all sorts of muck with some added glitter to make a potion.


We carried on following the trail that led us next to the arts and crafts activities. This wasn’t really easy for us as I had my hands full and couldn’t help Seth out. They were doing hand prints but Seth opted to have a go at the glueing and sticking, sticking cotton buds onto paper to make a skeleton. A nice idea but a difficult setting to carry it out. On the other side of the path, there were two other craft activities. They were making paper plate spiders but as we have already done some paper plate Halloween crafting, Seth chose to make a pumpkin lantern. A staff member helped him and it turned out really well. He happily posed for photographs with his new creation.

We found the Gruffalo

To get our last sticker, we had to continue into the woods in search of the Gruffalo. We found him (admittedly after following the shouts of other children saying ‘we’ve found him’, ‘there he is’). After that we set off back to the beginning of the trail, and after hunting for brightly coloured corks in the undergrowth, Seth was rewarded with a lollipop and a packet of sweets.

I live in the hope that doing things like this will get easier when Rory is walking but all in all, we had a good time and were thoroughly tired out, cold and in need of a brew by the end!

Life Unexpected

8 thoughts on “Halloween in the Forest

  1. The trail is fantastic! I love that they had so many different things to visit and find. I especially love the witches brew and the little pumpkin lantern. I think we needed to do something similar tomorrow! The costume is fab too (my O won’t wear a mask either) and the hat looks great on him, perfect for Halloween.
    Thanks so much for linking up your spooky Halloween post to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow what an incredible day out! It’s so good there was loads to do and his pumpkin lantern looks great! I bet it was exhausting though, definitely a big cup of tea needed after. I wish we had something like this near us, it looks like lots of fun for everybody. His costume looks fab too! Thank you so much for linking up to #whatevertheweather xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The last 2 similar things they organised went really badly so it was great to see them get it right this time. And the turnout was good. We are lucky to still have a children’s centre, hope their funding can be maintained. x


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