Halloween Musical Fun – Toddle & Rock

This morning we headed to The Grand Venue, Clitheroe for some musical Halloween fun.

I’d originally booked onto the early session of Teddy Bear Rock- it was more expensive than I’d usually want to pay (£5 per child) but I decided we’d go to avoid the dreaded play centre while all our usual play groups are cancelled for the school holidays. We got a call late last week to say that due to lack of interest they’d amalgamated Teddy Bear Rock with Toddle and Rock, which meant a later start time (doors 10:30 for a 10:45 start). This worked out better to be honest – less chance of running late.

The session was run by Harriet from Rock N Learn. She runs sessions at our local children’s centre but we can’t get there now I’ve gone back to work. She’s brilliant, so enthusiastic. She recognised Seth and came over to say hello – so nice when she must see dozens of different kids each week.

Ghost pompoms
Ghost Pompoms

The staff at The Grand Venue were fab. Seth needed the toilet mid-way through. Its been a while since I’ve taken them anywhere that we haven’t known someone else there. I forgot that the logistics can sometimes be difficult. The lovely lady who I asked where the toilets were, offered to hold Rory for me while we went. What an absolute godsend! It’s pretty difficult hoisting a toddler onto the loo whilst you’ve got a baby in your arms. Rory loved having a complete stranger sing ‘Incy Wincey Spider’ to him. (Luckily for him he won’t recollect being thrust at complete strangers in years to come. Although it doesn’t happen much now, it happened a lot when he was newborn and his big brother was being potty trained. Another downside of being a second born child.)


After Harriet’s hello song, we went straight into a musical Halloween party. Lots of instruments were involved – bells, claves, egg shakers, there were inflatable spiders jumping on a parachute, white cheerleader pompoms as ghosts, bubbles, inflatable pumpkins with torches to make them glow. Some classic songs were played; who doesn’t want to sing along to ‘Ghostbusters’ and throw some moves to the ‘Time Warp’? I enjoyed myself as much as the boys. As ever, the session was so fast moving that before we knew it, it was all over!

Clitheroe Castle
Clitheroe Castle

Although it was £10 and not the usual £2 I pay for Rock N Learn locally, it was a really good morning. Both Seth and Rory enjoyed it. They love music and loved being able to participate, and we got a trip out to Clitheroe on a beautiful day.


5 thoughts on “Halloween Musical Fun – Toddle & Rock

    1. I didn’t take the buggy board with me yesterday so didn’t want to get stranded on my own with a lazy toddler. My best friend lives and works in Clitheroe and its only 15minutes away from us so we go a lot. It’s the first time Seth’s took an interest in looking at the castle. We’re going to go back with a second pair of hands! x


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