3 Halloween Crafts for Babies & Toddlers

Halloween crafts

1. Ghosts


We made a paper plate ghost. I drew the face. My three year old, Seth, loves glueing and sticking so putting all the individual strips of tissue paper on the bottom was his favourite part. We also decided to use Seth’s hands to draw round for the ghosts arms. The hands are slightly large, I must admit, but it adds the personal touch! “BOO!”

Did you see our cotton wool ghosts from last year? They’re also lots of fun to make. We might have another go at these if we have any spare time to fill!

2. Spiders

SpiderAt playgroup, Halloween themed paints were out so I bravely attempted to get my ten month old, Rory, to use his handprints for a spider. The idea is to just use four fingers then to turn the paper round and do a second print on top so the fingers become the eight legs. As you can see, it’s quite smudgy but we did our best! I helped add some finishing touches by sticking on some eyes and drawing on a spider’s web.

3. Bats

BatsHalloween egg box bats have been my favourite Halloween make so far. I hacked up the egg box and got the black paint out for Seth to paint the whole things, inside and out as they’ll be hung up and you can see the underside. (This was quite hard to explain to Seth but after a quick demo, he got the idea!) Once dry, I cut the wing shapes, Seth stuck on the eye stickers and we attached wool to hang them up. I love them and we’ll be hanging them by our front door on Halloween.

Roll on 1st November when we can scrub the black paint from under our fingernails until next year!


13 thoughts on “3 Halloween Crafts for Babies & Toddlers

  1. I love the ghosts! What a fab idea, so simple but enough to satisfy the little ones crafty cravings! Funnily enough my daughter has been asking for a pack of paper plates to decorate so we’ll definitely be giving these a try!


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