Blackpool Lights – Illuminasia and the Illuminations

Two trips out to the seaside for us this week. After Monday’s trip to the beach, on Thursday we had some unexpected time as a family and decided to go to Blackpool to see the Lights.

We got to Blackpool mid-afternoon and headed off to Illuminasia. This is an exhibition in Blackpool Winter Gardens of Chinese lanterns or indoor illuminations. It’s quite pricey – £12.95 for an adult ticket. If you can get any discount vouchers or offers, it’s definitely worth seeing. Unfortunately for us, our three year old, Seth, decided to have a major meltdown just as we arrived and about three quarters of our time there was pretty much ruined. I also forgot to pack the baby carrier so I had to lug Rory around the whole thing unsupported. It’s not exactly pushchair friendly with lots of stairs and uneven flooring. Seth cheered up with a jam tart in the cafe, which was surprisingly cheap; two brews, a juice and a jam tart cost less than £4. Here are some of the lights:

Blackpool illuminasiaLater, we headed onto the Promenade in front of Blackpool Tower to have a wander on the Comedy Carpet. We headed up North Pier and I reminisced about visits to Blackpool as a child. Rory had his first go on a ride in the amusements with Seth. Next we went on the hunt for Fish and Chips – it wouldn’t be a trip to the lights without a chippy tea. It was a bit too cold for us to attempt to feed the boys outside so we found a chippy where we could ‘Eat In’ before heading back to the car to change the boys into their pyjamas. We drove up to Bispham and parked up on the main road waiting for the lights to come on at 7pm.

Seth enjoyed the tableau with the likes of Doctor Who, Alice in Wonderland, Postman Pat and Noddy. He liked the lights that changed colour, guessing which colour would be next. He was disappointed after we had passed the Pleasure Beach that we couldn’t turn around and go back to see Dora and Sponge Bob again. After going through on a tram last year, I’d definitely say being in the car was a lot better. I was driving and was able to slow right down past the tableau, whereas the trams sped through. Another year, I’d like to park up at Bispham and walk through the big ones.

This morning, we got to nursery and Seth was telling everyone all about it before he even took off his coat. It has definitely made an impression. Memories have been made! Rory, on the other hand, slept through the whole thing. Bless him! Oh well, there’s always next year!

Blackpool Lights Trip


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