Autumn in the Kitchen

Things got very Autumnal in my kitchen today.

I finally got round to peeling and stewing my apples from our apple tree. Well, I made a good attempt. After 25 apples my pan was full so I decided to leave the other half to do another time. I stewed them down with a coating of sugar and a shake of cinnamon. It smelt amazing! I threw some into a dish with some blackberries and made up a quick crumble topping. My boys will love this with lashings of custard.

I also whizzed up some leek and potato soup using stock from some chicken pieces I roasted earlier in the week. It’s definitely feeling like soup, not salad, weather now so I’m sure we’ll enjoy having this for our lunch.

Finally I mixed up a Parkin. I love Parkin! Unfortunately, my oven must have been a bit hot and today’s attempt is a bit brown around the edges! Nevertheless, I couldn’t even wait for it to cool. I cut off the end piece and had it with a brew before I went out to work. Nothing says autumn to me like a piece of Parkin. Just lovely! Mmmm!

Autumn in the kitchen
Crumble & Parkin

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