Costa del Sol – Part 2

If you have read part one of my holiday blog, you now know the holiday highlights from a Mum’s point of view. These largely fell into two categories; a) practical or b) sentimental. Now let’s take a few minutes to consider the good bits through a toddlers eyes.

1. The Swimming Pool

Me: Seth, what do you like best about our holiday?
Seth: The swimming pool.

For months, Daddy Glenn has been building the excitement for our holiday by showing Seth pictures of our hotel’s adjoining beach club with its pirate ship, splash park and various slides and swimming pools. The first day of our holiday, we packed our beach bags, loaded up the buggies and walked across the footbridge to the Beach Club. Rory was asleep and Glenn had his nose in his paper so me and Seth got kitted out and began to explore.

Every single swimming pool was freezing cold! Seth climbed the steps to the pirate ship but refused to slide down into the icy waters. On going to retrieve him from the ship, I had a whistle blown at me and a strict telling off from the lifeguard. “No adults allowed.” Seth was not impressed with the icy water and couldn’t be encouraged to persevere. We made a swift exit back to the more than adequate hotel pools!

Apart from a couple of excursions to the beach, this is where we spent most of our time. And what a time it was…

Swimming pool
Swimming pool fun

Also on poolside, a few times we got to join in some non-aqua activities. A teddy bear’s picnic, colouring in, painting, playing musical instruments, reading books. The children’s reps rolled out a parachute for everyone to sit on, provided all the materials and didn’t bat an eyelid if your kids were wet through from the pool. Although we didn’t use kids clubs or the crèche, these small activities were perfect for our boys and helped to get Seth out of the pool for a top up of suncream, a drink or a bite to eat.

Poolside activities

2. Brussel Sprouts

Russell the brussell
Russell the brussel

Not of the small green vegetable variety (although these were often on the evening buffet and Rory really liked them) It was Russell the Brussel that Seth really liked.

Think rap music:

“It’s Russell, he’s a brussel. It’s Russell, he’s a brussel. Eat your five a day, eat your five a day, eat your five a day, hey!”

Russell the Brussel was on stage every night for Live and Loud, reading out jokes and picking out a competition winner each evening. Seth sat cross legged on the dance floor glued to him for the entire time he was on stage. They even read out a few of Seth’s jokes! G’lad Seth!

3. The Beach

After going to the beach earlier in the holiday when we were in the Resort centre, Seth’s request for our last day was to go to the beach again. We negotiated our way down a steep slope to a largely neglected beach near our hotel. Second time round, Rory slept in his pram through the whole experience. Not a bad thing as by the time we got there it was the hottest part of the day.

The beach

Seth had a good potter with his beach paraphernalia building some castles and making soup in his bucket with some shells I found. Even Glenn managed a paddle but Seth wouldn’t step foot near the sea. The thing about beaches is there’s no shade. In the end, he complained so much about the sand being hot to walk on, that (after a quick pee in his Spiderman bucket) we made our exit, clambering up the stony slope and brushing off the sand, back to the hotel pool to finish off our last day.


2 thoughts on “Costa del Sol – Part 2

  1. I asked Alice the same thing about our holiday this year and it’s the pool for her too. All she needs from a holiday is a pool, with an occasional visit to make a sandcastle on the beach. This is the first year she’s actually enjoyed being in the sea.

    I love your shell heart!

    Time to dream about next years trip now. x

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  2. It’s our last year of freedom before we’re stuck to school holidays so we’ll be looking to get away before July this year. Already saving the pennies and searching the Internet for holiday bargains!


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