Autumn Crafting Begins

Last year Seth and I got really into the Autumn and Halloween crafting. Being pregnant with Rory, I opted for indoor entertainment for two reasons. Firstly, I couldn’t be bothered traipsing through muddy puddles in the rain and secondly, I didn’t invest in a maternity coat!

We were very creative. Here’s some of our best work:

Looking at today’s weather, it might be time to do a bit of hibernating and get the craft box out. I wonder what we’ll come up with this year.

Have you done any Autumn crafting? I’d love to see your pictures so I can steal some ideas!


13 thoughts on “Autumn Crafting Begins

    1. I really loved making the hedgehogs. Seth (who was then only 2) has a thing for sticks. Unfortunately these don’t stick as well as leaves using glue so he had to use sticky tape. Hope you manage to give it a go. x


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