Costa del Sol – Part 1

We returned from our first family holiday abroad as a foursome this week. I returned pretty much frazzled, exhausted and in need of a holiday – but this was very much down to the journey, not the holiday.

Hopefully I’ll get to do a few posts but a list of some of my highlights seems a good place to start:

Morning fun
Morning fun

1. Having a bedroom with a separate living area, kitchen and bathroom. Having spent our last two holidays with Seth in a hotel room with a cot thrown in, one of our ‘must haves’ was more space this time. It worked out well. When the boys woke up at the same time, we could take it in turns to get up with them, letting the other have a lie in. We had CBeebies in the room so they were suitably entertained until breakfast time. When Rory woke up early, we could bring him in our room and let Seth get some extra much needed sleep. We’ll never squish in one room again!

2. Taking a pushchair for the three year old. It was a god send. He’s been out of a pram since last Spring but still isn’t a big fan of walking. For the holidays I picked up a £15 basic buggy from an Aldi baby event. At home I factor in extra time for getting to places, but in thirty degree heat carrying all manner of beach bags and inflatables, you don’t want to walk at a snails pace or have to carry a heavy toddler. We were late for both flights so were able to rush through the airport with them both in their prams. It also meant that on a few occasions, this happened:

Daytime naps
Daytime naps

Cue quickly taking off any excess clothing and sitting in full sun.

DO NOT: Take your book with you hoping this will happen. It’s a sure fire way to ensure it won’t.

DO NOT: Shut your eyes and nod off. They will 100% wake up!

Cava for breakfast

3. Being All Inclusive is the best thing ever. It’s been a lot of years since we’ve done anything but all inclusive! Help yourself to beer, water and soft drinks. Go to the bar for wine, spirits and cocktails. Buffet breakfast, dinner, tea. Pool side snacks and ice cream all day. No need to worry about budgeting and what to do if the kids don’t like what they’ve ordered off the menu. Unfortunately, the Cava wasn’t on the all inclusive – on our last few all inclusive breaks to Spain, the bottles have been on ice for you to go and help yourself. I’m a holiday Cava queen so this came as a massive disappointment… until… my lovely husband brought me this on our first breakfast. With holidays providing a legitimate reason to drink Cava for breakfast, I got straight onto it!

4. The Costa Del Sol. What a cracking place. Less than two and a half hours flight with resorts within half an hour transfer from Malaga. Excellent weather, good beaches, beautiful sunrises and views to die for. We didn’t actually venture that far from our hotel. We went into the resort by taxi a couple of times, wandering through the marina and having lunch and visiting the main beach. We also went to the beach close to our hotel, which we had all to ourselves.

Costa del Sol
Costa del Sol

5. Making memories with my family. A few things have happened recently that have brought home how precious life is. Times like this with my little family, I will never forget.

Now, back to the washing

You Baby Me Mummy

6 thoughts on “Costa del Sol – Part 1

  1. Sounds like a lovely time Ruth. I know what you mean about the pushchair. Alice has always walked everywhere but when we took her to Portugal aged 30 months I insisted on taking the pushchair. We got some quiet time and she did sleep in it every day. It’s a shame she won’t now though!


    1. I didn’t think he would sleep in it so I was really surprised that he did. One night he fell asleep eating our evenigng meal, so I had to get him in the pram before he fell off his chair! So comical!


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