Post Holiday Washing Mountain

We got home from holidays on Tuesday and I decided that, with the promise of good weather, I would take a different approach to the post holiday washing.

I kept with my usual technique in Resort. I sorted the washing mountain that had accumulated under the bathroom sink before packing it in the cases so I would have ready sorted washing when I got home. This works really well. Especially with one of these to help you with the packing:

Holiday Cocktails
Holiday Cocktails

At home, with it all nicely in piles, I would usually then get on and wash load after load until it was all lovely and clean… but wet. And this is when it would usually rain and I’d have to fire up the drier, and feed it and empty it every couple of hours. Then I’d have damp ‘shrinkables’ hanging round the house for days.

This time I thought, “Ruth, there is no rush. It is autumn. Your husband will not need a weeks supply of holiday t-shirts while he’s on the building site. Your baby will never again fit into these worn-once romper suits (while the weather is hot enough to wear them). Your toddler can manage without seven pairs of shorts and revert to seasonal long pants.”

A weeks supply of holiday t-shirts

So I started out with undies, socks and our few whites and chucked them in the drier. I refuse to individually peg out 14 pairs of socks and 21+ lots of undies. They were dry and away within a day. I’ve then been doing two loads a night (my washing line’s maximum capacity) and drying the next day. Three nights later, all the washing is done with two loads ready to dry tomorrow.

Job done. Stress free. Time to celebrate?

Maybe not. You see, I’ve just climbed in my PJs and chucked my washing in mine and the hubsters laundry bin to find… It’s full! Also, I didn’t get round to doing my bedding before we went away so that needs stripping and washing so I can put the winter duvet on. And the boys laundry bin is now almost full as Seth had a wet bed this morning.

Will the washing ever end? I fear as the mum of two boys, that it will only get worse.


6 thoughts on “Post Holiday Washing Mountain

  1. Bet you knew I’d comment in this!! Argh the washing. We had a washer in our cottage so I kept on top by doing about 3 loads whilst we were away. So why did I have the inevitable mountain????
    I did manage the bedding tho before I went!


    1. I feel a lot less stressed by doing it over four days not two. Do you ever have a completely empty laundry bin? The few times I remember this phenomena occurring here, it only lasted for minutes, not even hours! I’m just glad Glenn’s a builder and I’m not in an office any more – no work ironing. Just bung it all in, dry it and it’s away!


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