Watching the Weather

A few weeks ago, I took part in a BritMums Twitter party talking about the weather #BritishWeatherWatch. I tweeted a few photos of us ‘enjoying’ the British weather and I was lucky enough to be randomly selected to win a £25 John Lewis gift voucher.

Here are some of our photographs:

British Weather Watch
British Weather Watch

The party was sponsored by the Met Office who were promoting their Met Office Weather Observations Website (WOW). It aims to help people learn about the weather by getting involved in it.

A bit about the site:

On the site we can submit observations about our local weather and get our children excited about the weather they see and experience. The Met Office will use our observations to verify and help make its forecasts even more accurate, so your kids’ inputs could really make a difference! Check out the WOW site now.

Making a Rain Gauge

Rain Gauge
Making our rain gauge

Although we haven’t attempted to submit any weather information just yet, we have used their instructions to make our own rain gauge. We followed the instructions – they were vague to say the least. For example, they don’t tell you to take the lid off the bottle – this is really quite essential. Then we’ve plonked the thing out in the garden, catching some water – 2cm so far.

Also, as I’d followed the instructions and used tape to secure the top of the bottle inside the bottom, I couldn’t pour the water out to start again. I had to peel the tape off. I think it will find its way to the recycling bag fairly quickly. Not a great make. The instructions weren’t Ruth-friendly so I’m not sure how a child would get on unassisted. We could do with some illustrations please Met Office!

After a quick look on Pintrest, I think we’ll have a go at making something like this for our weather watching this Autumn.


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