Messy Play & Short Hospital Stay

Edible paint
Edible paint

This week, Rory has been getting stuck in at Messy Play again. This time his baby playgroup at the local Children’s Centre were doing edible paint.

As ever, we were encouraged to try this at home with our babies. For me, this is why I take my children to playgroups and send them to nursery – so they can enjoy these sensory activities without me having to clear up the mess! I won’t be doing it at home!

If you did want to try it, I’d recommend using a paddling pool to sit them in (to contain the mess) and the recipe is as follows:

  • Cornflour and water (made up to pack instructions)
  • A small amount of sugar
  • A dash of food colouring

Although it is ‘edible’ paint, don’t encourage your baby to eat it. The point of it is, it doesn’t matter if they do eat it as it won’t harm them. It’s more or less a white sauce. And be warned, he has been left with a slightly pink tinge, although I’m sure it will soon wear off.

I was fairly surprised to make it to playgroup this week. Only two days before, Rory had a temperature I couldn’t get to come down with paracetamol and ibroprofen. Presuming he had an ear infection, I casually made him a doctors appointment for late afternoon and carried on with our day not realising just how poorly he was.

By the time we saw the GP, my poor little man had a temperature touching 40 and a heart rate of 200. Both very high. All sorts of things raced through my mind. We were sent straight to the Children’s Medical Assessment Unit at our local hospital.

Poorly baby
Poorly baby

It turns out he had a wheeze in his chest and tonsillitis. A super inhaler almost immediately began to bring his heart rate down and with it his temperature. (Cue Mummy breathing a huge sigh of relief and awarding herself a sh** mum award for not realising he was so poorly earlier!) We were on our way home a few hours later with a course of Amoxicillin for his tonsils.

By the next afternoon, he was back to his normal cheeky self. It’s amazing how quickly babies can go up and down – a real rollercoaster week.

Let me know if you try the paint. I’d love to see some photographs and tips on how you deal with the mess.


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