A Morning Off?

This morning I had my last morning on my own before my holidays and going back to work. With both boys in nursery after a 4.30am start (thank you Rory) all I really wanted to do was crawl into bed. I resisted the temptation and successfully filled my time working on my to-do list instead!

The morning panned out like this:

  • Put the washer on
  • Empty the freezer and set it off defrosting
  • Start to cook the sausages and the pasta for tonight’s sausage pasta bake
  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Wrap that parcel and write and address birthday cards ready for Seth to post tomorrow (He loves posting stuff!)
  • Assemble the pasta bake
  • Eat two of the sausages on a butty with a brew in the garden (chef’s perks!)

    Morning off
    My morning
  • Peg out the washing
  • Check on the freezer (and keep checking on it every half an hour)
  • Get out Seth’s holiday clothes
  • Get out Rory’s holiday clothes
  • Put feet up and have a brew and a bun while checking Facebook and Twitter
  • Tidy up upstairs and vacuum
  • Get out the holiday medical supplies and toiletries – write a list of what we need
  • Change the boy’s beds
  • Tidy up downstairs and vacuum
  • The freezers done! Wipe it out, clean the drawers, put it back on and refill it.
  • Eat lunch
  • Put on some make up and look alive
  • Book a Travelodge for my Mum’s trip to the big smoke
  • Collect Rory
  • Don’t stop for the rest of the day until all goes quiet half way through Emmerdale!

Not much of a morning ‘off’ really!

My best bit of today…

Before & After

Three weeks after originally pledging to do it here, I defrosted the freezer. (OK I haven’t done anything about my cupboards yet but small steps and all that!) It has given me a huge sense of achievement. I had to take a photo as I kept opening the door and just looking at it – which isn’t good for a freezer! I can honestly say the last time I did this was in June 2012 when I was on maternity leave waiting for Seth to arrive. It’s like having a brand new freezer. Who knew?! Just look at it!

So now I have either one, two or three (the third being the husband) boys with me from now right through our holidays until I start my new job. Then I leave two at nursery, send one to work , and then I go off and become a mermaid. An exciting couple of weeks ahead!


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