5 Reasons Why I Need To Accept it is Autumn

On 1st September, I blogged about how I was having ‘Summer in September’,¬†declaring how I refused to even think about Autumn until we reached October. Well, half way through the month, I have to accept that I was wrong. Here are five reasons why I have had to admit defeat and accept that it is Autumn.

1. Squirrels

Squirrels are squirrelling everywhere. From a summer of trips to the park and being lucky to spot one, they are now darting about the place in droves. They are in the trees throwing things down and they also seem quite happy to pose for photographs.

Autumn 4

2. Conkers

These seem to be falling from the trees. Here we are having a look at one, although as it was ‘very spikey’, it was requested that we leave it on the park for the squirrels to collect. No good for boy collecting!

Autumn 3

3. Puddles

Jumping in puddles is once again how we make free fun. Although rain seems to be the order of the day in every season these days, our attire for jumping in puddles has got suitably Autumnal. Wellies, waterproofs, long trousers. Bye bye shorts!

Autumn 2

4. The Menu

It has become acceptable to dish up warming dishes such as this ‘tater hash we had yesterday. As I am on a mission to empty my cupboards and freezer, the drop in temperature provided an excellent opportunity to use up a stray tin of corned beef. Slow cooker casseroles will soon be an almost daily meal of choice.

Autumn 1
Tater Hash

5. Darker nights

There is no doubt about it, the nights are closing in. I’ve been chasing the light on my twice weekly runs for the past fortnight. Being a fan of a good path – through a woods, by a canal, over the fields – I have now given up. Even the most innocent of people can seem threatening as dusk sets in. This week I plan to swim instead and then run one morning while the boys are at nursery. Damn you dark nights!

You Baby Me Mummy

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