Lancashire Reading Journey

During term time, there is a Music, Story & Rhyme Time at our local library (Clayton Le Moors in East Lancashire) that we try to get to as much as possible. All the kids who go love Patrick who runs the sessions – he is a particular fan of books that involve bums, trumps, snot – all the usual types of things little boys and girls [and parents] find funny!

We miss it in the school holidays. Despite having loads of books at home, we still try to call into the library in the holidays to change our books and have a read, if for no other reason than for a change of scene and to keep Seth entertained for a while. This Summer, I saw posters for the Lancashire Reading Journey and we decided to give it ago.

Lancashire Reading Journey
Lancashire Reading Journey

We were given a card with a grid of different challenges to have a go at. Admittedly, some of them were straightforward; ‘Read a book of your choice’ cropped up a few times and as Seth chooses his own library books, all the books were his choice. We made a special effort to choose a ‘non fiction’ book – we found a really simple one about tractors. Some of the challenges have made it into my blog:

Our trip to the Museum of Lancashire

Telling Stories – where Seth made up his own story

This week, Seth got his eighth stamp and completed the challenge. He was given a certificate and a badge, and also a pencil that he should have received after his fourth stamp. I am very proud of him and hope that his love of books continues and is passed on to Rory.

His current favourite book is a battered copy of Peter Pan that we picked up in Oxfam when we visited Skipton in the summer. Good choice!

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7 thoughts on “Lancashire Reading Journey

    1. Thanks Sarah. I’m so happy that he loves books so much. We read a lot as a family (well, his Daddy does and I try to find time!) I definitely believe that he wouldn’t have such a good imagination if it wasn’t for all the stories he’s had.


  1. Well done on that great achievement! Reading opens up such a realm of imagination for children and if they enjoy it at a young age, hopefully it will carry on.
    The sessions with bum, snot and other toilet humour words would have me giggling too!
    Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements


  2. Brilliant achievement. I love that Alice loves books and she doesn’t care whether it’s a story of ‘fact’ book! You’ll have to try the reading challenge with him at the library next summer. Alice had her certificate given to her in school last week which she had forgotten about, so she was hyper excited!

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