My Accident Prone Baby

Accident prone baby
Accident prone baby

Rory had yet another accident. This time his head had a run in with our patio flags. I thought he was sure to get a huge purple bruise on his forehead with the crack it made but it hasn’t really come out. I cried more than him when it happened.

After falling out of his cot and busting his lip at playgroup, he has now started to throw himself out of his pram as soon as his harness is unclipped. Together with his growing preoccupation with pulling himself up and climbing, I feel that accidents are going to be part and parcel of our lives for the next few months. I’m not used to having an agile child.

Recently on Twitter, Mumsnet Bloggers network and the British Red Cross held a discussion about first aid. Do you know what my contribution was?

My tip

Joking aside, I think it’s time I gave First Aid some serious thought. Although I have a Paediatric First Aid qualification , Seth has never done more than small tumbles and hasn’t even broken the skin. My first aid kit in our bag consists of a few sachets of Calpol and some teething crystals. We are better equipped at home, but with our holiday coming up, and the inevitable marble and tile floors, I think it’s time I developed my ‘out and about’ kit.

Have you got any suggestions on what I should add to my bag? Not the textbook stuff – I have a manual for that – what do you find really useful if you’ve got an accident prone child?

Baby first aid

You can watch the British Red Cross ‘Rapped Up’ advert and view the resources that address first aid in babies and children on their website by clicking here.


5 thoughts on “My Accident Prone Baby

  1. I’m catching up on your posts and I feel for you with an accident prone child. Alice used to throw herself out of the pram and pushchair so I stopped using them so she had to walk! We had an accident form most days in nursery, about once a week in reception and a couple a term in Year 1. I have my fingers crossed that she’s growing out of it now, as we’ve only had one grazed knee so far this term. I’m not that hopeful though as she’s just joined a football class! When we’re out and about she’s not too bad anymore, we have had trapped fingers, lots of bruises (usually legs) and friction burns from softplay centre slides. My bag just has the usual things in it – wipes, tissues, plasters, antibac handwash and a tube of savlon – and they have all been very useful. Hope things get better x


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