Manchester Museum of Science and Industry

It’s looking like this will be our last week at home as a family, with Daddy hopefully back to work next week. We wanted a cheap or free day out now the schools have gone back and places are quieter. As it was a misty day when we woke up this morning, we decided to head to Manchester and go to MOSI (the Museum of Science and Industry). Of course, it was sunny by the time we got to Manchester. As with most museums, MOSI has free entry with a £3 suggested donation.

Crane spotting

We love a trip to the Big City. There are countless building sites and little boys (and their Daddy’s) love cranes, diggers, massive drills etc. We’ve watched every episode of the ‘all new’ Bob the Builder (Channel 5, 7.20am) this past week. It is a bit odd that Bob has a brand new look but building is definitely one of Seth’s current favourite things.

We probably enjoyed crane spotting more than MOSI this time. We took Seth about eighteen months ago and seemed to have a much better time. Maybe a summer of high visitor numbers have taken their toll. Most of the buttons you pressed didn’t actually do anything and I noticed quite a few broken exhibits knocking about. Nevertheless, we spent a good few hours there mooching round.

We’re going to start getting back to normal tomorrow as playgroup has now resumed after the summer holidays. We’ll hopefully still have plenty to blog about, as we have less days out and try to make more fun at home!


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