Making an Owl Bracelet

Last week we visited the Scouts Family Fun Day at Oswaldtwiste Mills. When we were there, Seth won a bracelet kit on a ‘lucky dip’ type stall.

Threading beads
Threading the beads

I didn’t actually think he’d do it (jewellery is for girls right?) but as he was sat drawing one afternoon, he saw it on the table and asked if he could have a go. And I must admit, it kept him quiet for half an hour.

After a couple of false starts where the beads were falling straight off the other side of the string, I tied him a temporary knot in the end and then he got on with it himself. Threading the beads onto the elastic, with the big owl bead in the middle. I tied it up when he’s finished and he’d made a little bracelet.

Owl bracelet
Finished bracelet

Doing this reminded me of the lacing he’d done in the past. First with wool and DIY cards and then with plastic shapes and shoe laces we ordered from Amazon. I think I’ll take a few of them on our holidays, they would be something good to occupy him on the plane or even just to get him to have a sit down when we’re ready for a rest and a few cold beverages! And it’s all good for developing those fine motor skills right?


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