Summer in September

It’s the first day of September, it’s before 9am and I’ve already heard and seen numerous mentions of the words ‘Autumn’ and ‘Christmas’ on the television, radio, Twitter and Facebook. Well, I’m hanging on to summer for another month and won’t be thinking Autumn thoughts until October. (Although I have already started both Christmas knitting and shopping, but that’s a secret!)

September for us is the month of our summer holiday. As most people are all set to send their children back to school, we will be heading off to sunny Spain.

Rory’s EHIC has arrived

We were really excited to receive Rory’s European Health Insurance Card last week. Now we all have one of those, our passports and insurance, we are almost all set for our trip to the Costa Del Sol. I’ve chosen our seats online and put in our passport details. In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be checking in online. Have you got your EHIC? It’s free to apply and they arrive in about a week. You¬†just fill out a form on the NHS website here.

We have been dancing around the kitchen this morning blasting out such hits as ‘We’re all Going on a Summer Holiday’, ‘Viva l’Espania’ and ‘Walking on Sumshine’. Well, I have whilst the boys gazed on in wonder. I can’t wait to be drinking Cava for breakfast, it’s been too long!

This week I’m packing Rory off to nursery as he starts doing two half days in preparation for me returning to work in the Autumn. A big milestone in Rory-world, however, I’m far more relaxed about it than I was when I was at the same stage with Seth. Another curse of being the second child I think! First child goes to nursery, Mum cries every day. Second child goes to nursery, Mum breathes a huge sigh of relief and does a little dance! Poor baby. I love him (to infinity and beyond) but I think a little break will do us both a world of good. It helps that I know it’s a wonderful nursery and that Seth has thrived in his time there. But I hope they’re not expecting another Seth. Good luck nursery, he’s full on!

Daddy with the boys

Also this month, we’re hoping that Daddy’s arm will be improved enough for him to return to work. This is the thirteenth week of having him at home. He’s been doing so much better with it recently but still doesn’t have full movement in it. It will be strange packing him off. We’ve got used to having him around, health and safety and hygiene levels have definitely improved under his influence.

Happy September everyone. Let’s make the most of the last days of summer!


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