Scouting out a Fun Day

We spent a really good couple of hours today at the Scout’s Family Fun Day held in Oswaldtwistle Mills‘ grounds. Amongst the usual tombolas, cake stalls and hook-a-ducks were some really fun things to look at and do.

Boy and Owl

Grandma was arriving on the 10:30 train so we got there a bit ahead of time and went to look at the Birds of Prey. (My Mum has a serious fear of all things birds. Seriously, walking through a town centre with her is like running a gauntlet avoiding the flocks of pigeons). Seth was too young to hold one, but he got to sit on a perch with a Tawny Owl and give him a stroke. It was such a lovely owl.

Wood crafts

We moved on to watch some ‘coppicing’ demonstrations. Seth got to have a go at some wood turning – pumping the pedal and holding the chisel. We watched someone carving owls out of logs with a chain saw.

I paid a quid for him to have a go on the bouncy castle, which he pestered and pestered us to do but I knew he’d hate. Sure enough he was back putting his shoes on before one bounce. At this point Grandma appeared and calm was restored! A slice of cake and brew later, we had a sleeping baby and carried on our wander round.

The LFRS fire engine had arrived. Seth conquered his fear of sitting in fire engines and had a look at all the equipment and posed for some photos. My Mum reminisced with the fireman about living at the fire station when she was growing up. My Grandad was a fireman. He drove the fire engine and they lived behind Fire HQ in Fulwood, Preston when she was growing up. Back in the day, firemen lived on site. He retired in the early 70s though, before the fireman we were talking to was even born!

Archery was taking place on the field. We watched for a bit – Seth was too small and Glenn’s arm isn’t up to it. They were also cooking bread and showing kids how to light fires using a flint. The Scouts had some crafts to have a go at. Seth coloured in a sun catcher and he filled a little duck shaped bottle with stripes of different coloured sand. The sand was in salt shakers so it was really easy to do. I thought this was really good and not something I’ve seen at any fun day or kid’s craft sessions before.

Seth then had a go at making a bug house. This was a free activity and the man on the stall was lovely. He found something for Seth to stand on and he encouraged him to do the whole thing with his tongue sticking out. It’s great when people go out of their way to engage the children.

Whilst we were there we had a look at the usual Ossy Mills stuff. Seth sat on a toadstool in the woods pretending to be a gnome fishing, we looked at the ducks and in the aviary and went inside to look at all the fish.

All in all it was a really good Fun Day, well organised and a good range of things to keep everyone entertained. I’ll definitely look out for it being held again next year. Well done Scouts!


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