Strawberry Vodka

Strawberry vodka
Strawberry vodka

Look what I made! How good does it look outside on the garden table? Too bad, it wasn’t warm enough to sit out and drink it out there. Far better lighting for the photograph though.

It is strawberry vodka.

Last year when I first planted strawberries in the garden, I bought a set that promised ‘season long’ strawberries. They delivered. We had a steady supply all summer long. This year, however, they all came at once. Now, we like strawberries, don’t get me wrong but these were mega amounts of strawberries. I gave quite a few bowls away. Then when it got towards the end of the crop, we’d just had enough. So I picked them and pickled them in vodka.

Three weeks they sat in the mason jar, I gave them a shake now and again. Then last weekend I got out a muslin and strained the fruit, bottling the vodka in a kilner bottle.

The strawberry vodka was crying out for lemonade and fresh lemons so that is what I threw at it. And very nice it is too. Sweet but very easy to drink!

Before next summer, I’m going to look into making jam as I think that might save me having to compost any strawberries that we don’t get round to eating in time. If any experts out there want to give me some tips, I’m all ears!


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