Freedom’s Child by Jax Miller – A review

Freedom's Child
Freedom’s Child

Well, as a new blogger this is the first book I’ve had to review. I was given the deadline of 23rd August. That was last Sunday, and three days later I finished the book. Failed at the first hurdle, but hey, that shows how being a Mum of two changes you. Never missed a deadline in my life but now there are not enough hours in the day to finish a book. It’s a good job I’m not going back to my old job after my maternity leave, I’ve left the world of deadlines behind!

The book centres around Freedom; an alcoholic on a witness protection programme who gave up her children for adoption years ago. Through social media, she has kept tabs on her children from afar. When her daughter disappears in questionable circumstances she sets out to find her against all the odds. She is reunited with her son who fled his adoptive parents years ago, and disguises herself as a convert as she enters the commune where her children spent their childhood and from where her daughter recently disappeared. All is not as it seems and as a suicide pact unfolds, Freedom uncovers the truth and takes her vengeance, and finally finds some peace.

I grew to like Freedom; her spirit, her tattoos, her tough exterior. The book had the feel of a graphic novel; the settings dark and the characters troubled. Especially so in the many chapters written from Freedom’s point of view. I honestly got to a few chapters from the end and couldn’t see how it would end – how refreshing!

It did take me a while to get into it. Not sure why. Maybe because my baby doesn’t sleep and I’m so tired I could only read one chapter a night. Maybe because I didn’t feel comfortable with Freedom at first – there’s not much to like about her in the first few chapters. Until I saw the kindness and patience she showed towards her elderly neighbour, this was the first glimmer that there was more to her than meets the eye.

As a debut novel, it’s a winner. Maybe one day, I’ll be watching the film. I certainly¬†look forward to reading more from Jax Miller in the future.


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