My Frozen* Challenge

(*Don’t get excited. This is a post about my freezer, not the Disney film!)

Apple tree
Loads of apples

In a post a couple of weeks ago – Apple Tree Art – I told you about our lovely apple tree that is heavily laden with apples this year. Well, time is ticking away, one of the branches is so heavy it is almost touching the grass so it definitely won’t be long before I’m out there picking them.

Once they’re picked, I will wrap them in newspaper and store them somewhere cool until I get around to the big job of peeling and coring them all, ready to stew and then freeze.

Here is where the problem lies – my freezer. It currently looks like this:

My Frozen freezer

In a former life, I was a qualified energy efficiency adviser and my alarm bells are going off at the sight of this! All iced up, the freezer will be working harder, using more energy and costing me unnecessary money on my energy bill. More importantly to me right now, I also can’t fit in my apples!

So, I’ve set myself a challenge. To cook and eat the contents of my freezer without buying any extras (apart from staples such as veg and chips – chips are a staple right?!) I am going to do the same with my food cupboard – yes, I just have the one kitchen food cupboard due to my completely inadequately sized kitchen for the size of my house (and the two cupboards full of mis-matched Tupperware). Once complete, I will defrost my freezer and clean the cupboard. Anything (non-frozen) we are never going to eat can go in a bag for the food bank.

Why am I blogging about such a mundane subject? Because it will make me do it! It probably won’t even be that much of a challenge seeing as the freezer is mainly full of ice and ice pops. Maybe I could just hack it off and have it in my vodka. Wish me luck!


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