Footprints in the Sand

We are reaching a milestone this week. On Wednesday, Rory will be going into nursery with me for his first visit, then again on Friday, before starting two half days next week. Time is ticking away, in just over a month I’ll be finishing my maternity leave and starting my new job and career at Hydro @ the Barn. I can’t wait.

So, this blog is for Rory who recently completed his first art project – his footprints in the sand.

For a few weeks now, we have been going to a baby playgroup at a Children’s Centre while Seth is at nursery. The girls there did all the hard work.

Rory’s Footprints in the Sand

I took in a box frame, they removed the glass, put the frame on a hard surface and filled it up with sand. Then Rory stuck his feet in. I’m not sure how this worked as whenever I try to get his footprints with paint, he scrunches up his toes. When the whole group had done theirs, they made up some Plaster of Paris and poured it in and let it set and dry until the following week.

When we went in the next week, they brushed most of the sand out of the frame to leave the cast of Rory’s footprints.

I’m not sure where I’m going to put it just yet. It’s too heavy for the wall so I’ll have to find somewhere safe where Rory can’t get to it. Now he’s mastered crawling, he’s pulling himself up on everything and anything. He’s going to be a proper little adventurer this one!


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