A Bricktastic Day Out

Saber Tooth Tiger

This Sunday we headed to Bricktastic, a Lego event held at Manchester Central exhibition centre. We arrived in the City Centre mid-morning and of course, parked miles away from the venue, so gradually made our way there making a few pit stops along the way; a quick see-saw and balance on the mini-park by the Cathedral and a mooch about the street market on Spinningfields. A little voice was saying ‘I want to see the Lego, I want to see the Lego’ on repeat so we made one final effort and arrived to a fierce looking Saber Tooth Tiger standing guard over the venue.

The greeter at the entrance was wonderful. She whisked us over to Lego Yoda, handed Seth a Lego minion (that we were sure he would drop) and she insisted we all bunch together for a family photo before she would let us inside! Even Rory couldn’t escape.

Yoda & Minion
Our family, Yoda & Stewart

In we went and our Lego day began! Admittedly, most of the exhibits were ‘no touching’ and I had to lift Seth up to see a lot of the bigger models as they were on tables and you needed to see over the walls and inside. There were however, a few ‘make your own mini-figure’ stations, tables covered in Lego and two huge piles of Lego (one purple, one green) in a floor space where you could build your own Lego. A mural was underway where you could queue to make your own square that would be added to the bigger picture.

We spent a good few hours looking round. Seth and Daddy picked up ideas looking at the displays and stalls that had bits for sale and we picked up some bricks and Lego-men before we left. We also met a few blokes we had seen on a Channel 4 documentary a few weeks back and bought their magazine.

Our day out didn’t end there, we headed to Piccadilly Gardens and had a brief sit down and a go on the little park there, which of course was heaving. Seth had his only outburst of the day when we said he was too little for the mini golf that Ribena have set up in the square. There were golf balls flying everywhere, it really wouldn’t have been a good idea. We got some tea and headed back to the car, via the Cathedral see-saw, balancing beams and giant stepping stones. Who else recites Jack and the Beanstalk while doing stepping stones? It seems to be a firm favourite with Seth.

Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman, be he alive or be he dead, I’ll grind his bones to make my bread.

Such a lovely boy!


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