Telling Stories

Seth the storyteller
Seth the storyteller

As a family, we love reading and Seth, who has just turned three has a bedtime story from Daddy every night – sometimes from his huge collection, sometimes from the library and of late, Daddy has ditched the kids books in favour of making up weird and wonderful adventure stories starring Seth, Rory and R2D2.

Seth’s imagination is immense and I can see this as I watch him play as he gets all his little men talking to each other and undergoing ‘rescues’. I think Daddy has undoubtedly added to this imagination and has given Seth new skills in storytelling.

Yesterday, totally out of the blue, Seth was riding on his buggy board and he said, “Mum, I am going to tell you a story”. I quickly fumbled for my phone but didn’t want to put him off by noticeably filming him but I caught his words (along with some pretty dodgy footage that it is best to ignore.)

Seth’s very first story that he has told me is as follows:

There was a naughty boy called Robert and be wanted to do naughty things. Smash, dash, and make fight with his sword. And then a policeman comed in the police truck and get him. And then he take him to police station and put him in a locker. No more.

I think you will agree, this is possibly the start of a fantastic literary career!


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