Room for a Boy

A project I enjoyed getting stuck into earlier in the year was giving Seth a brand new big boy’s bedroom.

Seth's old room
Seth’s old bedroom – the jungle nursery

From around six months old, Seth took the small box bedroom and we were lucky enough to keep hold of our spare double room. After Rory arrived last Christmas, I knew that as soon as possible after the New Year, I wanted to get Seth moved into his new room, so that he didn’t feel ‘kicked out’ when the time came for Rory to take the box room which is decorated as a nursery. Seth’s future room was the reason I originally signed up for Pintrest and my ‘Boys bedroom inspiration‘ board was an ongoing project in itself for over a year (Pintrest is addictive!)

Experience with Seth has shown me that little people grow up way too quickly and they develop their own tastes and want to make their own choices. Also, I now know just how mucky they are and how they insist on wiping their dirty hands along any given surface – the cleaner and whiter, the more appealing. With this in mind, I wanted something hard wearing, adaptable but also a fun place to sleep and to play.

Although I’m not too sure what the Return on Investment will be, I splashed the cash on Dulux Endurance paint in the hope his new walls will not need painting again for the foreseeable future! Although I slapped on paint in a lovely, if somewhat predictable, shade of blue (chosen from the colour chart by Seth) I also picked out some wallpaper for the alcove within the fitted wardrobes.

Star wallpaper
Star wallpaper

I love this wallpaper, Galerie – Stars, but then I do love stars! It comes in a few different colours from John Lewis and took quite a few weeks to come. I have never done wallpapering before but this paper is ‘Paste the Wall’ paper and I found it quite easy to hang. The only negative is because it is a dark colour, even when it dried, white edges appeared in some areas. I was gutted. I googled it and it seems to be a common problem, a few solutions are suggested; colouring in the line with crayon or generally forseeing the problem before you hang the paper – painting a black line where the seams will be, or taking your time and using a wallpaper seamer (whatever that may be!) I’ve just left it – it reminds me I did it myself!

Seth has a few interests – a lot of them fleeting! But one that has lasted out all others is his love of Superheroes. So, we accessorised his room with Superheroes… and a little bit of Lego thrown in! I think these interests will stick for a while, but if not, they’re just a few pictures on the wall and can easily be changed.

I had a trip to IKEA for some Trofast storage for his toys and moved his train table out of our kitchen and into his room, which since his birthday has now become his Lego table. Thomas the Tank was one of his fleeting interests I mentioned so the actual trains hardly ever got played with, although he does still pick out his Thomas duvet cover when I ask him what bedding he wants on.

With his growing collection of toys thrown into the mix, his room is quite busy. I sat in there the other day and it really isn’t somewhere I could relax and sleep… but then again, I’m not a three year old boy!


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