Hand print cards

A week after Seth’s birthday, I realised that there are a couple of family ‘thank you’s’ I hadn’t got round to. Out came the craft box at my favourite time to do it, straight after breakfast when we’re all still in pyjamas so it doesn’t matter if we get messy.

Hand prints
Seth doing hand prints

Completely unprepared and lacking in ideas, we decided to use the paint pad to do some handprints. Seth did six and then let Rory have a turn. That didn’t turn out too well but at least he had a squidge in the paint pad. We also tried him with a crayon but that went straight in his mouth so we gave up in the end and just let him scrunch up some paper.

After lunch we snipped out the handprints and stuck them on cards. The googly eye situation isn’t good at the moment; we only have great big ones. So we made one monster card with the giant eyes and drew eyes onto our other one to make it a jellyfish.

Next time I’ll find a spare half hour for a Pintrest mooch, and come armed with ideas. Being prepared certainly makes crafting easier with two impatient boys!

Handprint cards
Handprint cards

2 thoughts on “Hand print cards

  1. I LOVE this idea. Alice would love making hand print jelly fish! I’m just letting her run riot with crafting at the moment, I’ve collected a huge pile of boxes and pots and she is enjoying turning them into towns and monsters. Best of all she’s doing it mostly without cutting them up or gluing them together, so she takes them apart at the end of the day (after obligatory photo of course) and makes something else another day! Have fun with all the paint x


    1. I save all sorts of stuff but Seth is just a beginner. He loves snipping but if I give him a picture of Spider-Man, he would be sure to cut straight through his face! I saw some paper plate tortoises on Pintrest and I think that will be our next ‘make’. He can’t go wrong snipping up tissue paper I hope!


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