Day out in Skipton

Car selfie
Ready to go!

Family day out this week. Destination – Skipton. We love to go to Skipton every once in a while and are creatures of habit. We park on the same car park, eat at the same fish and chip restaurant and wander the same route through town. This trip, we made two new discoveries:

1. Aireville Park

You can get to it from the centre via the canal tow path but we cheated and parked up by Craven Pool on the way into Skipton and walked through the park to the play area. It’s quite a small play area but it wasn’t too busy and met Seth’s demand¬†that he wanted to go on a slide. Of course, as soon as we got there, he had a massive hissy fit from which the only recognisable phrases were ‘no no no’, ‘I don’t want to walk’ and ‘I’m tired’. He soon came round and had a good half hour on the park. If you’ve got older kids with bikes, there was an impressive brand new BMX ‘pump track’ and a new skate park was under construction. Well worth a visit.

2. Craven Museum

Following a sign for a craft fair, we¬†found ourselves in the Town Hall where there was an exhibition of ‘old fashioned’ (Seth’s words) stuff. Amongst it we found, some mega old bikes, a puppet exhibition and a Mechano Ferris wheel type construction, which had a button to press to make it spin round – hours of fun when you’re three years old! I wandered into a ‘Yarndale’ display and there was also an impressive (if slightly freaky) collection of Punch and Judy puppets.

Whilst Daddy and Rory looked at the Magna Carta display, Seth and I had a quick look round the main museum upstairs; we dug for treasure (or artefacts) and pulled a chain that made a mouse run up a clock.

We usually visit Skipton on a Sunday when most places are closed so it was refreshing to go on a weekday and find different things to do.

I had high hopes of a canal boat trip but we ran out of time on the car park. Glenn told Seth how we once went on holiday on a canal boat. Seth now wants to go on one to get to Spain. I think I’ll get the plane and meet them there!


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