Ruth’s ramblings

My first blog post. Wow. Scary. Who actually wants to read the ramblings of a thirty something mum of two who quite frankly, at this moment in time, seems to be stumbling through life from what seems like one trauma to the next? Well, you clearly do!

A few times recently I’ve bumped into people I haven’t seen for years while I’ve had the boys in tow and they’ve greeted them like they know them. Well I suppose they do. I am guilty of the sin of playing out our lives on Facebook. I can’t help it. I’m proud of them. My husband Glenn and I went through what felt like hell to get them. And I want to show them off.

My boys

Life’s been tough these last few weeks since Glenn had an accident at work resulting in an arm injury that means he is still unable to lift our youngest son, Rory, who is now seven months old. Broken sleep is getting the better of me and the boys aren’t seeing the best of their tired cranky mum! I’m hoping that starting this blog will help me to get back on track and plan some ‘fun stuff’ which will ultimately get me through the days until I can tuck them in bed, run a few miles as part of my ‘get fit’ campaign and then curl up on the sofa in front of the telly box until the night shift starts!

Now all I need is something to write about…


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